Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Orkun Çetin
  • Date of birth: 21 June 1993
  • Nationality: Citizen of Turkey
  • Address: Çankaya/Ankara
  • Phone: +90(506)-967-49-83
  • Email: iletisim@orkuncetin.com

Profesional Profile

I am Orkun Çetin, 21 years of age, born on 21 June 1993. I've been living in Ankara, Turkey all mylife. Coding is one of my hobbies. I have recently done lots of apps, web pages. Traveling is my another hobby. I've been lost of city of Turkey but i haven't been to any foreign county yet.

I like watching movies and TV series.Iam currenty following Game of Thrones on the internet,a very fascinating series, based on a book by George Martin.I am an only child, and it gets pretty lonely growing up with no siblings to fight with.I was met computer with Windows 95 OS in 1996. I have been developing myself about IT technologies since 1996.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2011 June - 2011 August

Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution


Job Description

I have worked 3 mounths as internship.I have gained lots of experiences about coding, network infrastructure and hardware.

2009 May - 2010 September

Çetin Accounting

Technical Service Personnel

Job Description

I heve been worked in Çetin Accounting for nearly 4 months.I was looking at computers and network infrastructure.Also i looked a pice of accounting jobs such as editing files. I gave up this job due to my education.

My Education


2012 September - - -

Bilkent Univerity

Computer Tecnology and Information Systems


School Profile Description

I have still student at Bilken university but my firs impression is really good.There are lost of facilities such as free school buses, sport center,many communities.I was vice president of Bilkent IEEE society in 2014.

2007 September - 2011 June

Gazi Anadolu Technical High School

Computer Technologies & Database

School Profile Description

The school is very huge.There are many departmants.I had wanted to study at electronic department but i choosed computer technologies.That day, my life was changed to technology.School's education was not very good but only our department's level of education was higher than others.I played active role at my departmant.When teachers have a problem or question about computer,they were asking to me.


  • Adem Aksakal

    Genereal Manager

  • Ergün Çetin

    Genereal Manager

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge


Visual Studio(C#) 75%
Adobe Photoshop53%
Xcode 40%
Arduino 57%
Eclipse 60%
Unity 3D 33%








Language Skills

Very Basic


  • C#
  • Java(Android)
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Network Managment(NAS,FTP,WEB Server)
  • LINUX(commands) Usability
  • Mac OSX Usability
  • Windows Usability
  • Raspberry Pi Usability
  • Arduino Coding
  • Electronic Skils
  • Building Android ROM

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sports


    I don't like sports very much but I like walking.I walk 8-9 kilomaters a day.'

  • Movies


    I really love watching movies and TV series such as Game of Thrones. I like comedy, action and science fiction films.

  • Technology


    Technology is a way of life for me. I really like follow the technology. I love discover and use new technological developments.

  • Electronic


    I'm interested in electronic also.In my free times,i built new electronic projects, coding my arduino.'

  • Travel


    I like discover places where is new for me.

  • Music


    One of my hobby is listening metal music.I also play electro guitar in my free times.

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